From the beginning I was not at all interested in motorcycles. I've been thinking a long time to build my own car, or to renovate some old Jaguar but for various reasons I could never decide what to start with.

 In 2004, I was challenged by my friend Åke, to take a driving license for motorcycle. Luckily, I accepted the challenge and in May 2005 I passed the driving test for motorcycle. I had, a few months earlier, bought a Suzuki Volusia that I finally was able to drive!

 I started with some simple modifications of the bike, sissybar for the passenger, saddlebags, modified air filter, new pipes and some modifications of the carburettor.
After a while I began thinking of building my very own chopper. I had room in the basement which would  solve the problem that I only have an unheated garage.

 I can build a bike in the basement where it's warm so I can work even in winter.

 So, after much planning, I started buying stuff for my chopper. I have based it on the Ultima 113 "El Bruto with a 3.35" racebelt mounted in a rigid frame with a springer fork.

 The engine is rated for 125 horses and 162 Nm of torque,
 a mighty piece of engine.

 Johnny Stomper
Building of the Bike
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