The first start

The very first start of the engine is very special. Will it start at all? Have I connected the bits and pieces in the right way? Unfortunately, the battery I bought was far too weak for this mighty engine. Although the engine has decompression valve the battery could not crank it up. My father had to aid me with some starting help with cables from the car.

What a feeling! With a little more power from the car battery the engine started for the first time! What a sound! I can not help but feel a bit proud of this!

The new battery is capable of providing 320 amps of starting current. If it's a bit chilly, the battery is hardly able to start the monster.
First test drive

Prior to the braking test and noise test I just had to do a test ride of the bike. The pipes that are mounted on the bike in the film is too noisy to pass the test so I had to put on some quieter, and it's certainly quite good for my neighbor relations.

The slightly wobbly ride is not because I was drunk but I hadn't driven it before, I did not want to crash it. The gas tank was also mounted too near the handle bars so the steering was a little too narrow.

This is fixed now, as the gas tank is moved back a few inches, which was enough to get a much better maneuverability.
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